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January 1Nizar Rayan, Palestinian military and political leader (born 1959)
January 1Johannes Mario Simmel, Austrian writer (born 1924)
January 1Helen Suzman, South African activist and politician (born 1917)
January 12Claude Berri, French film director (born 1934)
January 12Arne Næss, Norwegian philosopher (born 1912)
January 13Patrick McGoohan, American-born British actor (born 1928)
January 14Ricardo Montalbán, Mexican-born American actor (born 1920)
January 15Said Seyam, Palestinian politician (born 1957)
January 16Andrew Wyeth, American painter (born 1917)
January 20Stéphanos II Ghattas, Egyptian Patriarch of Alexandria (born 1920)
January 25Mamadou Dia, 1st Prime Minister of Senegal (born 1910)
January 27John Updike, American writer (born 1932)
January 27R. Venkataraman, 8th President of India (born 1910)
January 30Ingemar Johansson, Swedish boxer (born 1932)

February 6James Whitmore, American actor (born 1921)
February 9Eluana Englaro, Italian patient in right-to-die case (born 1970)
February 25Philip José Farmer, American writer (born 1918)
February 27Manea Mănescu, Romanian Prime Minister (born 1916)

March 2João Bernardo Vieira, President of Guinea-Bissau (born 1939)
March 14Alain Bashung, French singer, songwriter and actor (born 1947)
March 15Ron Silver, American actor and political activist (born 1946)
March 18Natasha Richardson, English actress (born 1963)
March 20Abdellatif Filali, 13th Prime Minister of Morocco (born 1928)
March 25Yukio Endo, Japanese gymnast (born 1937)
March 28Janet Jagan, American-born President of Guyana (born 1920)
March 29Maurice Jarre, French composer and conductor (born 1924)
March 31Raúl Alfonsín, 49th President of Argentina (born 1927)

April 12Marilyn Chambers, American pornographic actress (born 1952)
April 12Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, American social theorist (born 1950)
April 14Maurice Druon, French novelist (born 1918)
April 19J. G. Ballard, English novelist (born 1930)
April 22Ken Annakin, English film director (born 1914)
April 22Jack Cardiff, English cinematographer (born 1914)
April 25Beatrice Arthur, American actress (born 1922)
April 28Ekaterina Maximova, Soviet-Russian ballerina (born 1939)

May 2Augusto Boal, Brazilian theatre director (born 1931)
May 2Jack Kemp, American politician and football player (born 1935)
May 4Dom DeLuise, American actor and comedian (born 1933)
May 9Chuck Daly, American basketball coach (born 1930)
May 13Achille Compagnoni, Italian mountaineer (born 1914)
May 17Mario Benedetti, Uruguayan writer (born 1920)
May 18Velupillai Prabhakaran, Sri Lankan militant (born 1954)
May 19Robert F. Furchgott, American scientist (born 1916)
May 23Roh Moo-hyun, 16th President of South Korea (born 1946)
May 27Clive Granger, British economist (born 1934)
May 30Luís Cabral, 1st President of Guinea-Bissau (born 1931)
May 30Ephraim Katzir, 4th President of Israel (born 1916)
May 30Gaafar Nimeiry, 5th President of the Sudan (born 1930)

June 2David Eddings, American author (born 1931)
June 3David Carradine, American actor (born 1936)
June 3Koko Taylor, American musician (born 1928)
June 6Jean Dausset, French immunologist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1916)
June 8Omar Bongo, President of Gabon (born 1935)
June 12Félix Malloum, 3rd President of Chad (born 1932)
June 13Mitsuharu Misawa, Japanese professional wrestler (born 1962)
June 17Ralf Dahrendorf, German-British social theorist and politician (born 1929)
June 25Farrah Fawcett, American actress (born 1947)
June 25Michael Jackson, American performer and recording artist (born 1958)
June 30Pina Bausch, German choreographer (born 1940)

July 1Alexis Argüello, Nicaraguan boxer and politician (born 1952)
July 1Karl Malden, American actor (born 1912)
July 4Allen Klein, American businessman (born 1931)
July 6Vasily Aksyonov, Russian novelist (born 1932)
July 6Robert McNamara, 8th United States Secretary of Defense (born 1916)
July 17Meir Amit, Israeli general and politician (born 1921)
July 17Walter Cronkite, American newscaster (born 1916)
July 17Leszek Kołakowski, Polish philosopher (born 1927)
July 19Frank McCourt, Irish-American author (born 1930)
July 26Merce Cunningham, American choreographer (born 1919)
July 31Bobby Robson, English footballer and manager (born 1933)

August 1Corazon Aquino, 11th President of the Philippines (born 1933)
August 5Budd Schulberg, American screenwriter (born 1914)
August 6John Hughes, American film director and writer (born 1950)
August 6Willy DeVille, American singer-songwriter (born 1950)
August 11Eunice Kennedy Shriver, American founder of the Special Olympics (born 1921)
August 13Les Paul, American musician and inventor (born 1915)
August 18Kim Dae-jung, 15th President of South Korea (born 1925)
August 24Toni Sailer, Austrian alpine ski racer (born 1935)
August 25Ted Kennedy, American politician (born 1932)
August 26Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, Iraqi politician and theologian (born 1953)
August 27Sergey Mikhalkov, Soviet-Russian author (born 1913)

September 8Aage Niels Bohr, Danish physicist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1922)
September 11Juan Almeida, Cuban revolutionary and politician (born 1927)
September 11Yoshito Usui, Japanese manga artist (born 1958)
September 12Norman Borlaug, American agronomist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1914)
September 12Jack Kramer, American tennis player (born 1921)
September 14Patrick Swayze, American actor and dancer (born 1952)
September 17Noordin Mohammad Top, Malaysian Islamist militant (born 1968)
September 18Irving Kristol, American writer and political commentator (born 1920)
September 23Ertuğrul Osman, 43rd Head of the Ottoman Dynasty (born 1912)
September 25Alicia de Larrocha, Spanish pianist (born 1923)
September 28Guillermo Endara, President of Panama, 1989-1994 (born 1936)
September 29Pavel Popovich, Soviet cosmonaut (born 1930)

October 2Marek Edelman, Polish political and social activist (born 1922)
October 4Shōichi Nakagawa, Japanese politician (born 1953)
October 4Günther Rall, German fighter pilot (born 1918)
October 4Mercedes Sosa, Argentine singer (born 1935)
October 5Israel Gelfand, Soviet-American mathematician (born 1913)
October 7Irving Penn, American photographer (born 1917)
October 13Al Martino, American singer and actor (born 1927)
October 19Joseph Wiseman, Canadian actor (born 1918)
October 30Claude Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist (born 1908)
October 31Qian Xuesen, Chinese scientist (born 1911)

November 3Francisco Ayala, Spanish novelist (born 1906)
November 8Vitaly Ginzburg, Russian physicist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1916)
November 10Robert Enke, German footballer (born 1977)
November 15Patriarch Pavle, Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (born 1914)
November 15Pierre Harmel, 39th Prime Minister of Belgium (born 1911)
November 16Antonio de Nigris, Mexican footballer (born 1978)
November 20Lino Lacedelli, Italian mountaineer (born 1925)
November 21Konstantin Feoktistov, Soviet cosmonaut (born 1926)
November 24Samak Sundaravej, 25th Prime Minister of Thailand (born 1935)
November 30Milorad Pavić, Serbian writer (born 1929)

December 3Richard Todd, Irish-born British actor (born 1919)
December 4Eddie Fatu, Samoan-American professional wrestler (born 1973)
December 4Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Soviet-Russian actor (born 1928)
December 5Alfred Hrdlicka, Austrian artist (born 1928)
December 5Otto Graf Lambsdorff, German politician (born 1926)
December 9Gene Barry, American actor (born 1919)
December 13Paul Samuelson, American economist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1915)
December 16Roy E. Disney, American businessman (born 1930)
December 16Yegor Gaidar, Russian politician (born 1956)
December 17Jennifer Jones, American actress (born 1919)
December 19Hosein-Ali Montazeri, Iranian scholar and human rights activist (born 1922)
December 19Kim Peek, American savant (born 1951)
December 20Brittany Murphy, American actress (born 1977)
December 21Edwin G. Krebs, American biologist and Nobel Prize laureate (born 1918)
December 23Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme, Tibetan politician (born 1910)
December 24Rafael Caldera, 54th and 60th President of Venezuela (born 1916)
December 30Abdurrahman Wahid, 4th President of Indonesia (born 1940)

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